London: Tapas Brindisa

I stumbled across this great little restaurant in Soho, London last night when out with two of my friends. They were in the mood for some tapas and despite it being almost 8pm and a Saturday night, they were able to squeeze us in.

Tapas Brindisa in Soho is one of a small chain of tapas restaurants in London and it definitely hit the spot. Like many Soho restaurants, it’s small and busy, and we were perched on a high bench alongside another group of diners, but despite this I barely noticed them and it proved to be a relaxed and unhurried dining experience.

Our biggest problem turned out to be trying to decide which of the many delicious sounding dishes to order and we spent about 15 minutes just debating what to go for. On the advice of our waitress, we picked three plates each ā€“ this turned out to be a bit too much and seven or eight plates between the three of us would have been plenty, especially as we decided we couldn’t possibly go without dessert.

The food was great, as was the wine. The highlights included the Courgette and Manchego Salad, which was light, tasty and a perfect combination of salty cheese, sweetly dressed salad leaves and earthy walnuts; the scrumptious and very meaty Grilled Smoked Chorizo on Toast; and the unusual Deep Fried Monte Enebro, a slice of goats cheese on toast with honey on top.

The only criticism I’d make was that the deep fried salt cod profiteroles could have packed more punch, they were a little bland when eaten alongside so many other perfectly-executed dishes. But that’s a small criticism and we had no problem devouring them. Highly recommended.

Tapas Brindisa Soho, 46 Broadwick Street, London W1F 7AF

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