Edinburgh: Arthur’s Seat

The first time I visited Edinburgh I was transfixed by Arthur’s Seat and vowed to climb it the next time I was in the city.

Fast forward 10 years and on my return to Edinburgh, I found Arthur’s Seat to be much bigger and much more imposing than I’d remembered.

The peak of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

Undaunted, I set off to complete my mission, and on coming to a fork in the path I was following, met a group of Americans who informed that the path to the left was the easy route, while the path to the right was the “super hard route up millions of steps”. Naturally, I chose the super hard route.

The view over Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth from Arthur's Seat

This route involved climbing up what seemed like a never-ending series of steps – I had to stop a few times on the way up to catch my breath – and travailing a few paths that were a little too close to the edge of a steep drop at times for my liking.

But I eventually reached the top after a final short, sharp scramble up a very rocky path. It was very windy at the peak, but the views across Edinburgh and across the Firth of Forth were well worth the effort.

Coming down off the peak was a little hairy, and I like a number of other women, clambered down across the rocks on my bum a few times. But once off the rock, I joined the easy path and practically ran down the hill. The next time I’m in Edinburgh though, I think I’ll choose the easy path.

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