Rosslyn Chapel

With its intricate stone carvings over its walls, ceilings and pillars, the medieval Rosslyn Chapel in the village of Roslin not far from Edinburgh, makes for a fascinating visit.

Possibly best known for its role as the setting of one of the pivotal scenes in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, the romantic 15th century chapel, built by the St Clair family, has inspired many artists and authors through the ages. And it’s easy to see why they’ve been intrigued by the wonders within the chapel.

Despite looking like a pretty ordinary chapel from the outside, the interior is a marvel of intricate carvings and mysterious symbols.

Indeed, there’s so much symbolism and so many carvings to discover that it’s worth joining a talk if possible – as otherwise you’d probably miss many of the sculptures and their meanings, although there are a number of informative visitor guides throughout that explain the symbols of interest.

There’s also a visitor centre, which provides more information about the chapel and its history, as well as a café.


Rosslyn Chapel, Chapel Loan, Roslin, Midlothian EH25 9PU
Open 9.30am-6pm (Mon-Sat), 12pm-4.45pm (Sun)
Adults £9.00, Concession £7.00

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