I'd been dying to go to Winchester for ages. Partly, because it was the ancient capital of England, and partly, because I've been reading lots of Norman history books and the city crops up a lot as the setting for quite a bit of drama. So after years of 'I must go...' and not doing... Continue Reading →


To me, Kyoto will always be the "temple" city. The first time I visited 10 years ago I was awestruck by the many beautiful temples in the city. So on my second trip, I made sure to revisit a few old favourites, such as the Golden Pavilion (above), as well as new sights, such as the Kiyomizu Dera... Continue Reading →

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is enormous and one of the most impressive castles I've ever seen. Even the walk up to the castle is grand as it sits in a large park enclosed within giant stone walls and surrounded by a huge moat. My brother and sister had been talking non-stop about the castle in the run-up to... Continue Reading →

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