Japan's capital is a fascinating, fun and fast-paced megacity. The first time I visited I was with friends so we spent out time racing around the city's different districts, such as Shinjuku, Harajuku and Akihabara, as well as a 5.30am trip to the famed Tsukiji fish market, taking in as much as we could in the few... Continue Reading →


To me, Kyoto will always be the "temple" city. The first time I visited 10 years ago I was awestruck by the many beautiful temples in the city. So on my second trip, I made sure to revisit a few old favourites, such as the Golden Pavilion (above), as well as new sights, such as the Kiyomizu Dera... Continue Reading →


Japan's ancient capital (pre-Tokyo, pre-Kyoto) Nara was memorable for two things – its abundance of beautiful temples, and the deer that roam Nara Park and the surrounding streets. The city, which is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, lies to the east of Osaka and is only an hour away by train, so on my sister's recommendation,... Continue Reading →

Japan: Food

One of my favourite parts about travelling is the food. I love trying new foods and seeking out regional specialities – and my trips to Japan have been no exception. The first time I went to Japan 10 years ago, my friend and I decided in our wisdom to eat nothing but Japanese food, morning, noon... Continue Reading →

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is enormous and one of the most impressive castles I've ever seen. Even the walk up to the castle is grand as it sits in a large park enclosed within giant stone walls and surrounded by a huge moat. My brother and sister had been talking non-stop about the castle in the run-up to... Continue Reading →


The pretty, coastal town of Matsushima is one of the nihon sankei, aka the three most scenic places in Japan. The others are the island of Miyajima, near Hiroshima, and Amanohashidate, a pine-tree topped sandbank in Miyazu Bay. Nestled on the coast in the centre of Miyagi prefecture, the town's beautiful bay is dotted with more than... Continue Reading →

Japan: Travel tips

If you're planning to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, here are some of my top tips: Climate Japan tends to be mild in spring and autumn, very hot in summer (temperatures often hit the mid-30°Cs) and colder in winter (although it remains mild in the southern parts of the country). There's also a six week... Continue Reading →


The land of the rising sun is a curious and contrasting mix of traditional old culture and the hyper shiny modern new. I've been lucky enough to visit Japan twice now, and both times I've come away a little awestruck by its beauty, customs, people, food and technology. The people are incredibly polite (I don't... Continue Reading →

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